Corona Virus Is A Bioweapon: The Big Picture


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If the PCR Test Is Unreliable – Why Are Health Officials Demanding the Public Be Tested?

“I Am The Target”: Silenced Chinese Virologist Tells Tucker COVID-19 Intentionally Released, CCP Trying To ‘Disappear’ Her

Quantum dot tattoos from Bill Gates to be invisibly embedded inside coronavirus vaccines

Mask-Enforcing Humanoid Robots Set To Invade Office Spaces 

JAMA article affirms benefits of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID-19

Study does NOT show that COVID drug combination kills

‘Rogue’ Chinese Virologist Joins Twitter, Publishes “Smoking Gun” Evidence COVID-19 Created In Lab

GW University Reports 17% Enrollment Drop As Students Opt Out Of COVID-Restricted Campus Life

US Trials For AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine On Hold Amid Probe Into “Serious Side Effect”

CDC says masks work better than vaccines at preventing COVID-19

Surprise! Politicians Worldwide Aren’t Following Their Own COVID Rules…

CDC Announces That Students May Be Kept From Parents Overnight as Ohio Sets Up COVID-19 FEMA Camps

Door-to-door MEDICAL TYRANNY: City of Houston to dispatch COVID medical experimentation teams to homes of “randomly selected” residents to DRAW BLOOD for a government pandemic experiment

Scientists Isolate Coronavirus Antibody In Breakthrough That Could Lead To New Treatment

Liberty Activist Explains How to Assert Your Right to Refuse a Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine

54 Percent of Americans Won’t Take COVID-19 Vaccine

Chinese Government Combines “Track & Trace” COVID-System With Social Credit Score

Fascist Fauci Looks To UN To ‘Rebuild The Infrastructure Of Human Existence’

CDC: For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.

UCLA, Stanford study finds for average 50-64 year old, chances of dying from COVID-19 are 1 in 19.1M

World Bank Records COVID-19 Test Kits Exported In 2017, 2018

WA Times: Hydroxychloroquine rated ‘most effective therapy’ by doctors for coronavirus: Global survey

Study says cheap steroid reduces COVID-19 mortality by 33%

Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural…

FDA hoarding 60 million doses of donated hydroxychloroquine that should be going to sick Americans

Doctors’ group: HCQ-hoarding FDA cares more about power than Americans’ lives

The COVID-19 Scamdemic, Part 2: Enabling The Technocratic-Parasite-Class’ “Great Reset”

The CDC Accidentally Admits Cloth Masks Are Not Effective

“Dead” Virus Cells Frequently Trigger “False Positives” In Most Common COVID Test, New Study Finds

World Bank Document Lists COVID-19 Program Ending in March 2025

Public health expert reveals the FDA and Fauci’s shocking plot to bury hydroxychloroquine as potential COVID-19 cure

President Trump Deals Huge Blow to Bill Gates – Withdraws Support From ‘China-Centric’ COVAX Vaccine Alliance

Prestigious Medical Journal Publishes Letter Showing Success of Hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 Treatment

12 Steps To Create Your Own Pandemic

Sweden Close To Victory Over Coronavirus; Never Had A Lockdown Or Mask Mandate

New polio outbreak in Africa caused by WHO’s oral polio vaccine

People deficient in vitamin D have a higher risk of COVID-19, reports new study

“It’s Like Using A Hammer To Kill A Fly” – Architect Of Sweden’s COVID-19 Anti-Lockdown Strategy Finally Vindicated

‘Rogue’ Chinese Virologist Claims She Has “Evidence” COVID-19 Was Created In A Lab

AstraZeneca Resumes COVID-19 Trials After Halt Over Adverse Reaction

It’s Far Too Late To Think Lockdowns Can Make COVID-19 Go Away

New Research Shows Google Searches For COVID-19 Stomach Symptoms May Predict Outbreaks

A Tale Of Two Mass Gatherings: Sturgis “Super Spreader” Bike Rally Vs Black Lives Matter “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful” Protests

Many Will Die For The Covid Lie

Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID Lockdowns Unconstitutional

Google deletes interview with Trump COVID advisor for contradicting pro-China WHO

People are tired of the Scamdemic

Nashville Officials Concealed Low COVID-19 Numbers Coming From Bars And Restaurants: Emails

CDC has metastasized embedded “resistance unit” of anti-Trump scientists

CLAIM: Pharma giant Gilead sent death threats to French doctor for telling the world that hydroxychloroquine cures COVID-19

“Everyone Involved Should Face Jail Time”: Trump Jr. Slams Nashville Officials For Concealing Low COVID-19 Numbers

Dr. Quack? CDC’s Redfield Claims Masks “Guaranteed To Protect Against COVID”

COVID CRIMINALS: Nashville officials buried numbers showing very low infections in order to gaslight the public over…

Challenges and Implications of False Negative COVID-19 Testing

Silenced Chinese virologist tells Tucker COVID-19 released intentionally

Stop CoVid-19 Cold!

Stop CoVid Cold News Page

WHO Admits: No Direct Evidence Masks Prevent Viral Infection

Doctor Expresses Concern Over Transhumanism and New MRNA And DNA Vaccine Technology

BOMBSHELL: WHO Coronavirus PCR Test Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA

SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

Is Andrew Cuomo Responsible For Thousands Of Nursing Home Deaths? The DoJ Is Trying To Find Out

There’s almost no chance a vaccine for COVID-19 will work at all, warns scientist

CoVid Test Kits Sold in 2018!

Here Is Everything We Know About A COVID-19 Vaccine

Ohio Department of Health Partners With FEMA to Create “Sheltering Facilities” For People Exposed to COVID

Hawaii government rolling out highway checkpoints for mandatory covid testing

CDC Now Says 94% of COVID Deaths Had an Underlying Condition

NY TIMES: Up to 90% Who’ve Tested COVID-Positive Wrongly Diagnosed! TRUTH: A Whole Lot Worse! (Pt 3/3)

UN Forced To Admit Gates-Funded Vaccine Is Causing Polio Outbreak In Africa

Moderna Neglected To Disclose Pentagon’s Financial Support In Applications For More Than 100 Patents

Ron Paul On The “CDC Bombshell” – Only 6% Of ‘COVID Deaths’ From Only COVID

New research suggests asymptomatic COVID-19 spread is comparatively rare

Public health researcher slams hydroxychloroquine naysayers – “The evidence is overwhelming”

People everywhere are dying because the corrupt FDA won’t let them have hydroxychloroquine

A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged

Fauci Has Been Mass Murdering For Decades And Needs To Go Prison

Trump Administration Demands Answers from Democrat Governors Who Housed COVID-19 Patients in Nursing Homes

“Famine Of Biblical Proportions” Headed Our Way Due To COVID-19, Warns UN Food Chief

Bill Gates’ Influence Exposed: Foundation Donated Over $250 Million to Media Outlets

“They Backed Us Into A Corner” – Parents Protest Massachusetts’ New Mandatory Vaccination Rules

Moderna takes millions in DARPA money, yet fails to mention taxpayer funding in its vaccine patent applications

WHO’s Tedros Warns “No Country Can Just Pretend The Pandemic Is Over” As Trump Embraces ‘Herd Immunity’

“Sentenced To Isolation Prisons!” – College Students Across America Are Being Subjected To A Horrid Psychological Experiment

‘Mass Use Of Hand Gels Risks Creating Superbug Armageddon’

SHOCKING ADMISSION: CDC Says Over 90% of Deaths Weren’t COVAIDS19 and 90% of Tests False Positives

UN Forced To Admit Gates-Funded Vaccine Is Causing Polio Outbreak In Africa

Is This 55-Year Old Antiviral Drug the Cure For Covid-19?

What Is the Best Dose of Zinc for COVID-19 Prevention?

“Blowouts For Me, Not For Thee!”: Pelosi Sneaks Visit To Closed San Francisco Hair Salon

Australia Has Fallen to UN Control, Mass Arrests Beginning!

Politicians indicating that flu season is the new threshold for emergency powers & panic

Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc Triple-Combo Proved to be Effective in Coronavirus Patients, Study Says

How a false hydroxychloroquine narrative was created, and more

Getting vaccinated for coronavirus could make the pandemic worse

Add Zinc: From Game-Changer to Game-Winner against Coronavirus

Hydroxychloroquine Dosage

The dangers of antibody testing …

What Is Gilead’s Role In The War On Hydroxychloroquine?

America’s Frontline Doctors

Robert Gore: Our Dystopia Is Their Utopia

The myth of the “asymptomatic carrier”

The Infectious Myth

Columbia Journalism Review Explains How The Gates Foundation Manipulates The Media Narrative

Coronahoax is classic PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION

Bill Gates gave hundreds of millions in bribes to MSM, newspapers, TV news companies to bury negative stories about Gates Foundation

How the New York Times Lies about SARS-CoV-2 Transmission: Part 3

MANDATORY “quarantine camps” were just rolled out in New Zealand, a globalist testing ground for the mass extermination of humanity

Maine Governor Orders Restaurant Staff To Wear COVID-Visors Like Dog-Cones

Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Residents

Renowned EU Scientist: COVID-19 Was Engineered In China Lab, Effective Vaccine “Unlikely”

Sweden’s Lead Epidemiologist: Wearing Face Masks Is “Very Dangerous”

Mastercard partnered with GAVI to create the Mark of the Beast global vaccine compliance system… now it’s here

A “Novel” Breakthrough? New Studies Show Memory T-Cells Offer Long Term And Pre-Existing COVID Immunity

Two years ago, Mastercard partnered with GAVI to create the Mark of the Beast global vaccine compliance system… now it’s here

Coronavirus found to suppress immune response, but this new therapy can restore immune function

After publishing now-retracted fake science study bashing hydroxychloroquine, discredited science journal The Lancet endorses Joe Biden as “healthy” choice for America

Doctor Expresses Concern Over Transhumanism and New MRNA And DNA Vaccine Technology

Depression In UK Doubles During CCP Virus Pandemic: Survey

“If You’re Reading This, You Might Be A Conspiracy Theorist…”

Frontline Doctor Silenced By YouTube and Facebook Speaks Out About Hydroxychloroquine

Fear Fatigue Is More Dangerous Than COVID-19

Bait-&-Switch: How They’ve Changed The COVID Conversation

MEDICAL GENOCIDE: UK government pushing for more blacks and minorities to participate in coronavirus vaccine trials

Use N-acetylcysteine? The FDA is trying to make it illegal because it could help treat COVID-19

Americans are too fat for coronavirus vaccines to work, experts reveal

VACCINE MANDATES INCOMING: Massachusetts requires students to take flu vaccines to attend class

Dr. Andrew Wakefield warns about coronavirus vaccines and outrageous legal immunity for vaccine makers in must-see interview

1986 The Act

Governments Are Faking It, And Copying Each Other

Sacramento using chlorine dioxide to kill coronavirus on surfaces, but FDA and FTC say it can’t be used for personal protection

Global famine looms due to pandemic, warns WFP chief

Nashville councilwoman suggests charging people who refuse to obey mask mandates with murder or attempted murder

A government-engineered FOOD COLLAPSE means citizens must practice “extreme preparedness” or be starved into vaccine compliance

WARNING: COVID-19 vaccine may cause shedding (like other vaccines), WORSENING the pandemic by spreading what would have been obsolete strains of coronavirus

Hydroxychloroquine works in high-risk patients, and saying otherwise is dangerous

Maund: Welcome To The Global Gulag…

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The CIA Killed My Father & Uncle – Do Not Trust The Medical Or The National Security Establishment!

Common Cold May Trigger Positive COVID-19 Antibody Test

COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled

Fact-Checking Fauci

Americans Die Needlessly: Medical Doctors Expose Hydroxychloroquine Ban

World’s Top Epidemiologists – Masks Don’t Work!

Debunking The Myth That Lockdowns Stop Pandemics

Doctors Pen Open Letter To Fauci Regarding The Use Of Hydroxychloroquine for Treating COVID-19

The next chapter of this plandemic will be the FINAL LOCKDOWN for humanity… mass extermination, door-to-door medical kidnappings, forced inoculations and engineered famine

Green tea, zinc, and hydroxychloroquine: Coronavirus cure?

Coronavirus came from a Chinese lab and no vaccine will ever cure it, declares renowned scientist

Peak Idiocy: Wisconsin Government Agency Mandates Facemask Use For Virtual Zoom Meetings

Indian Government To Launch Mandatory Digital Health Card On Bill Gates Concept

Hydroxychloroquine works in high-risk patients, and saying otherwise is dangerous

VIDEO: Doctor Recommends Children Wear Yellow Badges If They Haven’t Been Vaccinate

World’s Top Epidemiologists – Masks Don’t Work!

The myth that lockdowns stop pandemics

Mainstream media “scientists” threaten punishment for refusers of coronavirus vaccines, regardless of their safety

Andrew Kimbrell On The Origins of COVID-19

Australian police go FULL NAZI, smashing in windows of civilian cars just because passengers wouldn’t give details about where they were going

The biggest lie of this coronavirus hoax is that the state cares about any of you

LancetGate: “Scientific corona lies” and Big Pharma corruption. Hydroxychloroquine versus Gilead’s Remdesivir

Positive coronavirus tests are not “cases”: Health experts debunk mainstream media’s false narrative about COVID-19

COVID Has Transformed America Into The ‘Drive-In’ Nation 

Sellin: Unless True Origin Of COVID-19 Is Identified, Another Chinese Pandemic Is Assured

Once We Have An Approved COVID-19 Vaccine, Then What?

5 Ways “The New COVID Normal” Is Getting Worse And Worse

“Within Days I Was Able To Breathe”: NYC Democratic Councilman Says Hydroxychloroquine Saved His Life

Fauci Warns COVID-19 Vaccine May Only Be “50% Or 60%” Effective 

Frontline Doctors Double Down On Hydroxychloroquine In Defiance of Big Tech Censorship

The Soros-Obama Inside Man: Dr. Anthony Fauci – DC Dirty Laundry

Veteran Virologist Slams Mainstream Media’s “Misinformation” About An Effective COVID Treatment

Covid House of Cards Collapsing: Fauci Called Out Over Vaccine Royalties

These Two Charts Should Land Dr. Fauci in Prison

UNBELIEVABLE: In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent

The coronavirus vaccine is the “final solution” depopulation weapon against humanity; globalists hope to…

Holland’s Top Scientists Say There’s No Evidence Face Masks Work — And May Actually Cause More Harm

Is it time for Civil Disobedience against the Covid19 cult of failed advice?

Ohio Withdraws Ban On Hydroxychloroquine; Fauci Accused Of ‘Misinformation Campaign’

The Biggest Fraud Ever, Part 2: The Vaccine Swindle

“There Is No Proven Effectiveness” – Netherlands Refuses To Mandate Mask Wearing In Public

One Nation Under House Arrest: COVID-19 Mandates Kill Freedom?

Google Says New ‘Contact Tracing’ App To Launch In Coming Weeks

You Can Now Be Fined, Jailed, & Assaulted For Not Wearing A Mask In America

Breitbart Still Suspended From Twitter After Viral HCQ Video; Doctor Gets Axe Over Involvement

Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims 

Gretchen Whitmer Blocks GOP Bill That Would Stopped The Killing Of Nursing Home Patients

Fast-tracked covid-19 vaccine alters human DNA, turns people into genetically modified property – DC Dirty Laundry

“No Silver Bullet” – WHO’s Tedros Warns COVID-19 Vaccine May Never Be Found

COVID-19 Vaccine Could Mean Regular Injections, No Guarantee Of Immunity

A Vaccine May Not Be The “Magical Cure” Everyone Anticipates

From Lockdowns To “The Great Reset”

Vaccine Hunt: Is Injecting Human Volunteers With COVID-19 Ethical?

Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims 

Protesting Germans Revolt Against ‘Muzzle’ Facemasks And Pandemic Restrictions

Melbourne Lockdown: Police Can Enter Homes Without a Warrant to Carry Out ‘Spot Checks’

Professor Calls For Halt To ‘Terrorising’ Coronavirus Reaction By ‘Narrow Minded Scientific Elite’

Why are Google, Facebook, Twitter so bent on censoring doctors who promote cure for COVID?

Doctor goes on offensive after coordinated attacks on hydroxychloroquine

Ventura County CoVid Website

Authors of Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Study Defend Their Work After Being Attacked by Dr. Fauci

NYC to Impose COVID Checkpoints to Enforce Quarantine Order

LA Mayor Threatens To Shut Off Water And Power At Homes Hosting Parties: Virus Updates

EXCLUSIVE: California apartment building locked down under mandatory quarantine of all residents, with MANDATORY COVID-19 testing; all key cards deactivated, security guards posted at entrances during “lockdown”

STUNNING: UK State Media Pushing Forced Inoculation & Microchipping of Humans

Bill Gates hems and haws about coronavirus vaccines causing universal side effects in test patients

Big Pharma, Big Tech And Big Media Are Waging An All-Out WAR Against Humanity, And Their Goal Is To Mass Murder

The COVID-Hysteria Campaign – The Ultimate Divide And Conquer Strategy

The Biggest Fraud Ever, Part 1: The Hocus “Science” Behind Lockdowns

Viral Doctor Says ‘In 30 Days Hydroxychloroquine Will Stop COVID In Its Tracks’ If Allowed

Google Admits US Doctors Don’t Have Free Speech Because Of UN Directives

Madonna Instagram Post Censored: Singer Shared Viral Video Of Docs Promoting HCQ

Another Failure of the COVID Diagnostic Test

Bill Gates Again Denies Vaccines Are Cover For Global Microchipping Program

Donald Trump Jr SUSPENDED from Twitter for Posting Video of Doctors Discussing Hydroxychloroquine

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Adverse Reactions In “More Than Half” Of Trial Participants

COVID Testing Scandal: 333 Labs Report 100% of People Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Six new studies show hydroxychloroquine can save lives in COVID-19 fight

Another Bombshell: A 3rd Study Has Now Found That COVID-19 Antibodies Disappear Very, Very Rapidly

Pfizer, which ran vaccine experiments on Nigerian children, gets “fast track” approval for its coronavirus…

Bill Gates pushing for 7 billion mandatory experimental RNA injections that re-program human cells to produce…

Big Tech commits MEDICAL TREASON by censoring doctors’ video revealing covid-19 CURE being suppressed by Big…

Fast-tracked covid-19 vaccine alters human DNA, turns people into genetically modified property

STUNNING: UK State Media Pushing Forced Inoculation & Microchipping of Humans

Illinois Media & The State Should Immediately Update Their Message On Hydroxychloroquine

“It Reeks Of Orwell” – The COVID Coup (& How To Unlock Ourselves)

Next Time You’re Called A “Crank” Or “Flat Earther” On Concerns About A ‘Rushed’ Coronavirus Vaccine, Show Them This

Margolis: 10 COVID-19 Charts You Need To See

Vaccine Execs Rake In $1 Billion In Stock Sales As Positive Headlines Boost Shares

A 3rd Study Has Now Found That COVID-19 Antibodies Disappear Very, Very Rapidly

Florida Gov. DeSantis calls for investigation into why people are testing “positive” for coronavirus tests they never received

Researchers Say Prolonged Mask Use Causes Psychological Discomfort, Physical Fatigue

Does wearing a mask cause diagnostic tests to read false-positive for COVID?

Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures

Vitamin D crucial to activating immune defenses

China owns Nature magazine’s ass – Debunking “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2” claiming COVID-19 definitely wasn’t from a lab

Connecticut State Lab Finds 90 False Positives Out Of 144 Coronavirus Tests Administered In Mid-June

6 positive HCQ studies released? Yes!

5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells

Connecticut public health laboratory confirms nationwide coronavirus tests are flawed, creating huge spike in false…

Yale Epidemiologist: Hydroxychloroquine Could Save 100,000 Lives If Widely Deployed

Colorado Town Threatens Up To A Year In Jail For Not Wearing A Mask

Dr. Fauci’s latest lie is HUGE… and easily debunked

COVID-19: Phase 1 Of The “Permanent Crisis”?

More People Contract COVID-19 From Family Members Than Outside Contacts: CDC

Leaked Docs Show DHS Is Afraid That Masks Will Make Facial Recognition Useless

Fauci: Government Should be as “Forceful as Possible” on Masks, More Pandemics “Likely”

The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine turned into laughing stocks as widely-touted hydroxychlorine study found to be based on fabricated data organized by science fiction writer and adult content model

The medical establishment has been pushing flawed data to withhold a viable treatment for COVID-19 patients – does anyone remember Tuskegee?

WHO To Resume Hydroxychloroquine Trials After Lancet Cautions Over Dodgy Study

LancetGate: “Scientific Corona Lies” & Big Pharma Corruption – Hydroxychloroqui…

The Lancet used fake science to attack hydroxychloroquine and President Trump

Big Pharma “Criminal” Influence On Research Exposed In Secret Recording Of Lancet And NEJM Editors-In-Chief

Dodgy Data Firm Behind Retracted Hydroxychloroquine Study Raises Questions Over Haphazar…

The Mysterious Missing Link – Anti-Malaria Drug & Zinc

Researchers Retract Botched Anti- Hydroxychloroquine Study Which Was Used To Attack Trump

Editors of World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journals: “Much of the Scientific Literature, Perhaps HALF, May Simply Be Untrue”…

Ron Paul: COVID-19 Shows Why We Need Separation Of Medicine And State!

Dear Humans: Face Masks Don’t Work; The Study-review was Published by Your Very Own CDC

Broward County Emergency Order Mandates People Wear ‘Facial Coverings’ Inside Their Own Homes

CDC admits false positives are being “mistakenly” included in official coronavirus data

Ron Paul Exposes Big Holes In The COVID ‘Spike’ Narrative

Moderna coronavirus vaccine causes side effects in over 50% of patients; antibodies disappear in 2-3 months, rendering the vaccine pointless

Florida Official Admits State Counted Motorcycle Death as COVID-19 Intentionally

U.N. Pushes Permanent COVID-19 Lockdown!

Hydroxychloroquine: The One Chart You Need To See

The Media’s Jihad Against Sweden’s No-Lockdown Policy Ignores Key Facts

Why The Covid Vaccine Will Be Useless

Face Masks Mandated by UK Government Specifically Say They Don’t Protect Against COVID-19

Florida Labs Acknowledge “Major Errors” After Reporting Positivity Rates Of 100%

Navarro Slams ‘Flip-Flop-Fauci’ In Scathing Op-Ed; White House Issues Statement

Testing Will Begin In Africa For Biometric ID, “Vaccine Records”, & “Payment Systems”

COVID-19: Phase 1 Of The “Permanent Crisis”?

WHO Will Not Investigate Wuhan Lab Where Coronavirus Was Kept

‘Psychologically’ Locked-Down

What Is The Real Purpose Of The Lockdowns?

Bill Gates admits that 700,000 people will be harmed or killed by his coronavirus vaccines – DC Dirty Laundry

The CDC Admits Covid-19 Antibody Tests Are Wrong Half The Time & Virus Isn’t That Deadly

COVID-19 Has Properties That Have Never Been Found In Nature Before

The Great COVID-19 Deception … and What You Need to Know to SURVIVE

Phoenix Mayor Lied About Morgues Bringing In ‘Refrigerator Trucks’ To Store Overflow COVID Bodies

‘How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?’

Plannedemic Bombshell! CDC Inflating COVID Infection Rates At Least 16 Times

Apple’s latest iOS 13.5 update contains contact tracing malware to enslave you

“Madness” – Focus On The COVID-19 Death Rate

Stanford Doc: COVID Fatality Rate For People Under 45 Is “Almost 0%”

The Hydroxychloroquine Controversy Is A Reminder That Prescription Laws Are A Government Racket

German Official Leaks Report Denouncing COVID-19 As “A Global False Alarm”

Two ‘Unusual’ COVID-19 Features Convincing Scientists It Was Man-Made

PELOSI MADE MILLIONS: After Congressional Coronavirus Meetings

Wearing the mask is part of an initiation ritual for the New World Order

Safety First Is A Bad Ideology

Whitney: Looks Like Sweden Was Right After All

Forget face masks and fear – let’s relax and accept the risk

Social Interaction Is Critical for Mental and Physical Health

After Sending 1000s Of COVID Patients Into Nursing Homes, New York Blames Deaths On “Infected Staff”

Why No One Should Believe COVID-19 Is Naturally Occurring

Dr. Fauci Warns Any Protection Provided By COVID-19 Vaccine May Be “Transitory”

Dr. Fauci Is No Nostradamus: How COVID-19 Ran Amok Under His Watch

South Africans protest against coronavirus vaccine trials that exploit black lives but will leftists care?

Henry Ford health study finds hydroxychloroquine to be effective against COVID-19

Coronavirus contact tracing group tied to pro-abortion globalists

Cover-up: Dr. Anthony Fauci helped approve an effective treatment for coronavirus infections 15 years ago, but is suppressing it today in favor of new high-profit vaccines

Farrakhan is actually right: Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are trying to “depopulate the Earth” with…

Government agencies coordinate to raid clinics and threaten doctors who help patients stay healthy during coronavirus pandemic

Gavin Newsom caught wiring half a billion dollars to communist China in massive face mask money laundering scheme

Fear Mongering: MSNBC/NBC Contributor Lied About Having COVID

IT BEGINS: Psychologists Push to Classify Individuals Resisting Coronavirus Edicts as Mentally Ill


The WHO just obliterated every argument for mandatory vaccines or contact tracing by declaring asymptomatic carriers don’t spread COVID-19

Coronavirus testing is really about harvesting your DNA for a government database

Black people are the first targets of the Bill Gates vaccines… ever wonder why?

The Bill Gates global nightmare is coming true with COVI-PASS Immunity Passports

“Gates We Are Not Your Lab Rats”: Africans Protest COVID-19 Vaccine Testing

Gavin Newsom nailed for shutting down businesses – but not his own wineries

Univ. of Tennessee to Require All Students Get Flu Vaccine, COVID-19 Vaccine When It’s Rea

Vindicated? Trump-Touted COVID-19 Drug Hydroxychloroquine Works, New Study Funds

BUSTED: NIH Owns Financial Stake In Gates-Funded Coronavirus VaccineCovid-19 and the HIV connection revealed

FDA warns about toxic hand sanitizers for coronavirus that could kill you

Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports Slated to Roll Out in 15 Countries

Watch: CNN Reporter Claims Coronavirus Has “Helped Humanity Buy Some Time Against Global Warming”

Bombshell as Fauci admits future COVID vaccines won’t work, blames “anti-vaxxers” for failures of…

Futures Spike After Study Reveals Steroid Effective Against Advanced COVID-19

Ohio Rep. Nino Vitale Tests Mask Use, Which Shows Oxygen Levels Drop Into Danger Zone 5 Seconds After Putting It On – DC Dirty Laundry

WATCH: CORONAVIRUS PLAN Exposed: Soros, Clinton, Fauci, Gates, CPS, Pelosi

EXCLUSIVE: Contact tracing whistleblower warns of door-to-door forced vaccinations and FEMA kidnapping campaigns

New York Undercover Nurse Confirms COVID-19 Criminal Hoax

Oxygen deprivation levels from mask-wearing violates OSHA standards

New York Times Laughably Lies That the Mask Debate Is ‘Settled’

Interview: Fact-Checking the ‘Fact-Checkers’ on COVID-19

German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’

“Catastrophic Financial Challenges” – 42 Hospitals Closed, Filed For Bankruptcy Due To COVID Pressures 

American firm unveils coronavirus “health pass” to prevent “unhealthy” people from accessing airports, workplaces

Colorado Bill Requires “Re-Education” For Parents Who Refuse The COVID-19 Vaccine

We Don’t Need No Stinking Vaccine For COVID-19

COVID-19 Lockdowns Spark 41% Collapse In Black-Owned Businesses In America

Suffocation and Breakouts: Face Masks Wreaking Havoc on Human Body

WHO Says Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carriers Not Very Infectious As Global Total Tops 7 Million: Live Updates

Johnathan Latham: Bill Gates’ Foundation Working With DARPA On Gene Editing

Over 95% Of UK “COVID-19” Deaths Had “Pre-Existing Condition”

Military Nurse at ‘COVID Epicenter’ Hospital: “It’s Murder”

The spike glycoprotein of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade

Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag

Full-genome evolutionary analysis of the novel corona virus (2019-nCoV) rejects the hypothesis of emergence as a result of a recent recombination event

Depopulation globalist Melinda Gates already pushing experimental COVID-19 vaccines on “people of color” as the target group to vaccinate first

Big Pharma “Criminal” Influence On Research Exposed In Secret Recording Of Lancet And NEJM Editors-In-Chief

COVID-19 Has Properties That Have Never Been Found In Nature Before

Researchers Retract Botched Anti- Hydroxychloroquine Study Which Was Used To Attack Trump

Haseltine: Human COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Unnecessary, Uninformative, & Unethical

Universal vaccination passport has been in development since 2018, requires absolute compliance with endless list of…

“It’s All Bullsh*t” – 3 Leaks That Sink The COVID Narrative

Yale Epidemiologist: Hydroxychloroquine Should Be ‘Widely Available And Promoted Immediately’ As Standard Treatment

We might NEVER have a vaccine … immunity to other coronaviruses rarely lasts longer than a few months

Flu Vaccine Deadlier than Covid19

We might NEVER have a vaccine … immunity to other coronaviruses rarely lasts longer than a few months

Apple’s latest iOS 13.5 update contains contact tracing malware to enslave you

Facebook “fact-checker” misinforms users about vaccine safety

Update 5/29/20

Test Positive For COVID-19, End Up In A Police Database

500 Doctors Write To Trump Warning Lockdown Will Cause More Deaths

Lancet Study That Caused WHO To Drop Hydroxychloroquine Trials Falls Under Scrutiny

Lose The Mask!

PETITION: No to mandatory vaccination for the coronavirus

‘What These Sons of Bitches Want Is Our Freedom!’: Bolsonaro Vows To Arm Brazilians To Prevent Dictatorship

The Hydroxychloroquine Controversy Is A Reminder That Prescription Laws Are A Government Racket

98.1% Of ‘COVID-19 Deaths’ In Massachusetts Had An Underlying Health Condition

Three Ways Lockdowns Are Costing Human Lives

CDC Admits COVID-19 Antibody Tests Are Wrong Half The Time & Virus Isn’t That Deadly

Coronavirus Propaganda Mimics War Propaganda

The High Cost Of Locking Down America: “We’ve Seen A Year’s Worth Of Suicide Attempts In The Last Four Weeks”

Your “Immunity Passport” Future Begins To Materialize As Airlines Call For Digital ID Tracking

Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% ‘Serious’ Injury Rate in High Dose Group

mRNA Vaccines Might Prove Catastrophic in a Rushed Coronavirus Response

Cash for Murder: Michigan Governor Purposefully Planted COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

Gunshot Victims Count As Coronavirus Deaths in Washington State

WHO Experimenting on African Children without Informed Consent

Big tech and government coronavirus contact-tracing apps are flawed

CDC Admits to Bungling COVID Test Results, Over-Hyping Infection Risk

COVID-19 Testing: What are We Doing? What Does it Mean?

COVID Showdowns Brewing Across Illinois As Angry Residents, Sheriffs Reject Lockdown

Over 5,800 nursing home residents died as a result of Cuomo’s executive order

The High Cost Of Locking-Down America: “We’ve Seen A Year’s Worth Of Suicide Attempts In The Last Four Weeks”

“Madness” – Focus On The COVID-19 Death Rate

Update: 5/22/2020

The Economic “Reopening” Is A Fake Out

‘Every One of Them’: California Begins Forcibly Quarantining People – Separating Families – Over COVID-19

Click here: California Official ‘Clarifies’ Bombshell Forcible ‘Quarantine’ Program and It’s Pathetic

We Call For Investigations Into The “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” For Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity

‘It’s a horror movie.’ Nurse working on coronavirus frontline in New York claims the city is ‘murdering’ COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators and causing trauma to the lungs”

Plandemic Documentary The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid 19

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL Stop 5G on Earth and in Space- Short PDF Summary

Ron Paul Rages: Listening To Virus “Experts” Has Led To Death & Despair

WHO inadvertently admits that vaccinations won’t work against coronavirus

Stanford medical prof says pandemic lockdowns are ‘doomed to fail’

Health Ranger warns that mandatory vaccines are MEDICAL RAPE and a form of felony assault with a deadly weapon

Coronavirus testing is really about harvesting your DNA for a government database

Breakthrough South Korean Study Finds Recovered COVID Patients Who Test Positive Aren’t Infectious

COVID-19 Patients Who Tested Positive After Recovery Didn’t Pass Virus to Others

Elites Strive to Depopulate Planet With “Tainted” Vaccines

“Trust Is Being Undermined” – Harvard Medical School Prof Questions Fauci’s “Shading” Vaccine Results

Bill Gates reportedly offered a $10 million bribe to use Nigerian children in coronavirus vaccine experiments

Shocking Pictorial Essay Shows Why Its Time To Arrest Bill Gates

The Remdesivir Study Is Finally Out: Drug Only Helped Those On Oxygen, Finds Mortality Too High For Standalone Treatment

YouTube Censors Doctor Knut Wittkowski For Opposing The Tyrannical Lockdowns

Genetic Code of Life Itself Under Attack By World Elites


Update 5/16/20

Top CDC Official: ‘We’ll Just Get Rid of All Whites in the United States’ Who Refuse Vaccines

WA Governor To Residents: COVID-Test-Deniers Will Not Be Allowed To Leave Home To Get Groceries

‘Social Distancing’ Is Snake Oil, Not Science

Neurosurgeon Says Face Masks Pose Serious Risk to Healthy People

Shutdown Orders Cause Starvation Of Millions

Meet Barbara Ferrer, The Social Justice Warrior With No Medical Background Leading LA’s COVID Response

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Broward County Administrator Discusses Going Into ‘Family Homes’ to Separate People

Computer Model That Locked Down The World Turns Out To Be Sh*tcode

Leading German Virologist: “COVID-19 Less Deadly Than We Thought”

Right now, all across America, the coronavirus is spreading through grocery stores, Costcos and Sam’s Clubs… because that’s where all the crowds are –

Update 5/12/20

Cop to Other LEOs: “Stop Being Order Followers!”

Medical police state: Illinois judge orders health department to provide names of all coronavirus patients to law enforcement

Whistleblower – How CDC Is Manipulating COVID-19 Death Toll

WHOA! Dr. Fauci in 2017: President Trump Will Be Challenged By a “Surprise Global Disease Outbreak” (VIDEO)

Scientists Determine ‘Reinfected’ Chi-Com Virus Cases Are ‘False Positives’

Leaked Study From Inside German Government Warns Lockdown Could Kill More People Than Coronavirus

Washington State Requires Restaurants to Collect Personal Info on Diners For ‘Contact Tracing’

Heavily Militarized SWAT Raids Innocent Family for Growing Tomatoes—Taxpayers Held Liable

“Contact Tracer” And “Disease Investigator” Jobs Spring Up Across The Country

NSA Has Communications Between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks, Attorney Claims

“Your Every Move Will Be Watched”: Post-COVID Offices To Resemble China’s Social Credit System

We Now Know Far More About COVID-19 – The Lockdown Should End

WHOA! Dr. Fauci in 2017: President Trump Will Be Challenged By a “Surprise Global Disease Outbreak” (VIDEO)

Whistleblowing ER Docs Urge “Open Up Society Now” Because “Lockdowns Are Weakening Our Immune Systems”

Lab-Made? SARS-CoV-2 Genealogy Through the Lens of Gain-of-Function Research

Shocking video shows white cop repeatedly beating a black man while another pins him to the ground ‘for not following social distancing rules’ – despite the officers not wearing masks themselves

China Asked WHO To Delay Pandemic Announcement, Deny Human-To-Human Transmission: German Intelligence


Update 5/6/20

The Pseudo-Science Behind The Mysterious Assault On Hydroxychloroquine

Hopes dashed as coronavirus drug remdesivir ‘fails first trial’

California Official ‘Clarifies’ Bombshell Forcible ‘Quarantine’ Program and It’s Pathetic

Ventura County plans to remove COVID infected residents from their homes and place them in quarantine facilities

‘Every One of Them’: California Begins Forcibly Quarantining People – Separating Families – Over COVID-19

Plandemic Documentary The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid 19

HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World

Bill and Hillary Clinton want to recruit an “army of contact tracers” to hunt down and interrogate people with coronavirus

Bill Gates paralyzed half a million children with polio vaccines – do we really want him vaccinating the world for coronavirus?

YouTube Strikes Again – Video of Doctors Calling to End Lockdown Removed After Millions of Views

Association Of American Physicians Says ‘Trump-Touted’ Drug Has 90% Chance Of Helping COVID-19 Patients

Taxpayer-funded NIH funneled $3.7 million to Wuhan virus research lab believed to have engineered the coronavirus bioweapon

Indian Scientists Discover Coronavirus Engineered With HIV (AIDS) Like Insertions

Whistleblower – How CDC Is Manipulating COVID-19 Death Toll

Big Pharma is rigging everything to make sure approved coronavirus “treatments” don’t actually work at all, while things that do work are discredited or criminalized

Medical police state: Illinois judge orders health department to provide names of all coronavirus patients to law enforcement

Knock, Knock. We’re from the Government, and We Want Your Family’s Blood

We’ve never made a successful vaccine for a coronavirus before. This is why it’s so difficult

The Pentagon Bio-weapons

Military Study: Flu vaccines increase coronavirus infection risk by 36%

The Bill Gates globalist vaccine depopulation agenda

Coronavirus has been ‘freewheeling’ in California since December, says government official

Researcher On Cusp Of COVID-19 Breakthrough Killed In Bizarre Murder-Suicide

Government Wants to Use the Pandemic to Plant Microchips in People, Piers Corbyn Claims

Banned Content: Ex-Fauci Employee Who Was Jailed Speaks Out In Viral Interviews

World Shocked As Bill Gates Gets Sexually Excited By Global Collapse / Starvation

Veritas Bombshell: CBS News Stages Fake COVID-19 Testing Line In Michigan

The Timeline Of WHO’s Cover-Up Exposed

Coronaviruses: An Overview of Their Replication and Pathogenesis

Biden: COVID-19 an opportunity to ‘fundamentally change the science relating to global warming’

New Evidence CV Is An Escaped Experiment; U.S. Funded Wuhan Lab

Nobel Prize Winner Says Coronavirus Had To Come From A Lab

California Man Thrown In PSYCHIATRIC HOLD For Expressing Concern About Bill Gates’ Vaccines

Update 4/22/20

Study proves that coronavirus vaccine would never work; might actually create MORE new viruses through recombination in human hosts

Renowned Microbiologist Claims Wuhan Lab ‘Did Absolutely Crazy Things’ With Coronavirus

COVID-19 Red-Pilled

Techno-Tyranny: How The US National Security State Is Using COVID-19 To Fulfill An Orwellian Vision

The Real COVID-19 Mortality Rate Is 25-60x Less Than Governments, Media Claim

California Study Shows Virus Much More Pervasive “But Not Killing At Rate We Thought”

This Kills Covid-19 Hysteria! LA Confirms Death Rate of 0.16574999

Gates’ Patent on Body Interacting Cryptocurrency is #060606

Update 4/21/20

COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says “Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab”

BOMBSHELL: Wall Street Journal caught running a Monsanto-style FAKE SCIENCE scam with Stanford researchers to mislead…

Historic Moment! Fox News Admits COVID-19 Is A Giant Hoax

Did CDC deliberately delay testing kits, allowing the coronavirus to spread?

Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination

How Homeland Security And The FBI Are Spreading Fake News

Led By “The Science” Towards A Medical Despotism?

COVID-19, Smartphone Surveillance, And The State

Sooner Or Later, Americans Will Have To Choose Between Freedom & A Micro-Chipped Vaccine

WHO Continues as China Mouthpiece; Insists COVID Not from Wuhan Lab

Exposing Harvard’s Chinese Agent Charles Lieber’s “Virus Transmitters”

Why The Shutdown Must End

Facebook Bans Civil Disobedience, Removes Posts Organizing Anti-Lockdown Protests


Update: 4/16/20

China has admitted that the Corona Virus is a bioweapon and that its research on such was funded by the NIH under Fauci to the tune of $4 million dollars. The precursors to this virus existed at the University of North Carolina and required a presidential signature (i.e. Obama’s) to transfer it to China after new American laws prevented “gain of function” research. If Americans don’t redirect their Deep State, brainwashed hatred of Trump toward their real enemy, the Deep State, it will literally be the death and enslavement of them. The Democrat Party/Deep State are the real enemies here and we are screwed beyond our wildest nightmares if people don’t realize it.

MSM Finally Admits COVID-19 Came From Wuhan Bioweapon Lab

Why are we paying communist China to conduct research on biological weapons?

Facebook ‘Fact Checker’ Worked At Wuhan Biolab; Ruled Out Virus-Leak While ‘Debunking’ Articles

CBC Instructs Kids on How to Shut Down Their Parents’ “Conspiracy Theories”

WHO Director Was Top Member of Violent Ethiopian Communist Party

WHO Blocked Doctors From Urging Border Controls to Stop Spread of Coronavirus

Memos Leaked To AP Show China Knew COVID-19 Was ‘Likely Severe Pandemic’ While W.H.O. Said It Wasn’t

Watch Bill Gates Laugh, and Giggle About Vaccines and Mass Death

COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says “Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab”

World Health Organization Stopped Medical Experts from Recommending Coronavirus Travel Bans

COVID-19 and the War on Cash: What Is Behind the Push for a Cashless Society?

Fauci has Financial Ties to Vaccine Makers and Gates Foundation

German Lawyer Who Criticized Lockdown Arrested, Taken to Psych Ward

Lies & Data Manipulation: NYC Adds 3,700 Who Never Tested Positive To COVID-19 Death Toll

Original Post: See Videos Below As Well

Millions of Jews, Christians, Gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and physically infirmed succumbed to Nazi violence over a simple informal logical fallacy known as “normalcy bias”. Basically, it’s the idea that because something hasn’t happened before, it can’t or won’t happen. This is what America is experiencing now- it is under an attack from a bioweapon with the end purpose of complete domination by the Deep State/Globalists- and few have the intellectual courage to bring it to light. Here, I will avoid any temptation to say “I told you so” as I think the Cultural Marxists have caused enough division in this country and it’s time to unite against this beast. That said, I hope all of you will still reflect on this piece by Mike Adams: America: You are now living under the tyranny you deserve, for you said nothing when the Big Tech censors came for the truth-tellers who warned you this would happen.

Note: This blog post is a work in progress whereby I will be adding evidence frequently. I also do not necessarily endorse every idea presented in each article.

I Corona Virus Is a Bioweapon

Logistical and Technical Exploration into the Origins of the Wuhan Strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”, Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon

What ‘The Expanse’ Tells Us About The COVID-19 Pandemic And Gain-Of-Function Research

Obama’s NIH paid the Chinese weapons lab $3.7 million to conduct SARS-Coronavirus research

Explosive Report: Wuhan Biolab Captured Bats From Caves Traced To COVID-19 Outbreak, Had US Funding

“This Should Trouble Us Deeply” – Chilling Documentary Maps Out Likely Origin Of COVID-19

The Project For A New American Century & The Age Of Bioweapons: 20 Years Of Psychological Terror

Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag

CORONAVIRUS BIOWEAPON UPDATE: Unique HIV-1 Signatures Confirmed by Team of Indian Scientists

Covid-19 Further Evidence Virus Originated in the US

The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus

PLANDEMIC! A Painstakingly Planned Pandemic and Staged Panic—Who & Why?

U.S. Admits Bio-Weapons Tests

Was the 2020 Wuhan Coronavirus an Engineered Biological Attack on China by America for Geopolitical Advantage?

“This Should Trouble Us Deeply” – Chilling Documentary Maps Out Likely Origin Of COVID-19

II The Deep State Is Using the Bioweapon to Completely Dominate America

Bill Gates Calls for a “Digital Certificate” to Identify Who Received COVID-19 Vaccine

Big Pharma and Microsoft Are Teaming up in Something Called the ‘id2020 Alliance’

Bill Gates: Introduction Into Destruction, The Mark Of The Beast “id2020 Alliance”

Did Bill Gates Just Reveal The Real Reason Behind The Lock-Downs?

Cities using creepy “pandemic drones” to identify people with coronavirus

“Immunity Certificates” Are Coming – COVID-Survivors To Get ‘Special Passports’ Enabling Return To ‘Normalcy’

Advanced knowledge? CDC started hiring QUARANTINE program managers last November

Snowden: Governments Using Pandemic To Build “Architecture Of Oppression” Surveillance

Liberal billionaire George Soros is taking advantage of COVID-19 to reshape America

Ankle-Monitors Ordered For Kentucky Residents As Crackdown On ‘Covidiots’ Begins

Ron Paul: Resistance Building To Coronavirus ‘House Arrest’ Orders… “It’s About Time!”

“Papers, Please!” Fauci Agrees Gates’ “COVID Immunity Card” Idea “Has Merit”

This is the SWAMP: Four senators sold millions in stocks ahead of Wall Street’s coronavirus crash after being briefed about what was coming

Waves Of Mutilation: Medical Tyranny And The Cashless Society

Democrat Governor Whitmer Adds U.S. Flags To List Of Banned Products During Lockdown

III The CDC, WHO, The Deep State, Corporations, and Key Individuals Are Interfering with Efforts to Arrest the Attack and Return to a Normal Life

CDC knew about this back in November, denied that it had destructive potential, then made no attempt at testing, and even knowingly sent out invalid testing kits. They are Particeps Criminis in the spread of Corona.

Bill Gates: coronavirus lockdowns will prevent people from developing natural immunity so we can sell them more drugs, vaccines

A dozen CDC senior scientists have blown the whistle on the CDC’s shady practices

LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19

National Sentinel: Democrats and Leftist Media Trying to Prolong Epidemic & Needless Suffering

Why did Fauci CHEER when hydroxychloroquine was used in 2013 for MERS, but is now skeptical for coronavirus?

Abject stupidity: Mika Brzezinski claims Trump is pushing antimalarial drug as COVID treatment because of ‘financial ties’

Peter Navarro Explodes At Fauci In Heated Showdown Over Hydroxychloroquine

Bill Gates REFUSES to recommend nutrition (zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C) and instead focuses entirely on vaccines and police state tracking

ZeroHedge BANNED From Twitter After Posting Findings of ‘HIV’ Insertions in Coronavirus, Bioweapon Possibility

Bolsonaro Says Trump ‘Wonder Drug’ Will “Save 1000s Of Lives” In Brazil

Bloomberg Praises “Uninterpretable” Gilead Study While Bashing Trump “Miracle Drug” Hydroxychloroquine

Escobar: Why Is France Hiding A Cheap And Tested Virus Cure?

Bombshell accusations say the WHO ignored key coronavirus warning, relied on Chinese propaganda

Could Contaminated COVID-19 Tests Help Spread the Virus?

Coronavirus testing kits heading to the UK found to be contaminated with Covid-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) is sponsoring a malaria vaccine study in African children without obtaining informed consent from parents.

Why Did Fauci Cheer Use Of ‘Untested’ Drug For Coronavirus In 2013… But Now He’s Skeptical

Walmart blocks customers from buying garden seeds, claiming seeds aren’t “essential” supplies

IV Fake News

Remember, these sources (this is only a small selection of what is out there), to a varying degree in their dismissals, effectively bolstered Chinese state media and government insistences that questions over the safety of the lab were ‘dangerous’.

Lies About Hydroxychloroquine

CNN: “President Trump is wrong in so many ways about hydroxychloroquine studies. Here are the facts.” — Can anyone remember the last time CNN published ‘facts’ about anything subject having anything at all to do with Donald Trump? Neither can we.

The Washington Post: “For Fox News hosts, the hydroxychloroquine controversy is fuel for the culture war.” — The Post, which has been so wrong on practically everything having to do with the president and his administration, couldn’t resist taking a dig at the No. 1 cable news outlet while also bashing Trump and hydroxychloroquine. And by the way, hydroxychloroquine use is only “controversial” because these media sycophants have declared it so.

The Verge: “Trump’s chloroquine hype is a misinformation problem bigger than social media.” We checked and there are no medical researchers or patients who have been given the drug and recovered involved in the writing of this story. We did find this line in the story, though: “There’s been a study with tentatively positive results (and some serious limitations), but also a few studies that show little to no therapeutic effect.”

The New Republic: “How Hydroxychloroquine Became Conservative Media’s Coronavirus Miracle Drug.” Right. It’s a “conservative media drug.” Can you say “lame?”

V 5G Microwave Radiation Significantly Lowers Immunity

The process of driving DNA, RNA, or antibodies into cells is called electroporation whereby the high frequency (i.e. 5G) opens up cell membranes making them more permeable:

Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health

5G Wireless Coronavirus Connection Exposed

Research Gate Is there a Link between 5G Internet Frequencies and the Corona Virus? Matters of Discussion (Scrubbed by the Deep State)

Therapeutic Antibody Gene Transfer: An Active Approach to Passive Immunity

Can 5G exposure alter the structure and function of hemoglobin, causing coronavirus patients to die from oxygen deprivation?

Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China

The Hidden Link Between the Coronavirus and 5G Testing

Corona Virus Fakery And The Link To 5G Testing

Scientists and doctors warn of potential serious health effects of 5G

Electromagnetic Radiation Due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technologies: How Safe Are We?

V How to Respond

The FDA-approved Drug Ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro

BREAKTHROUGH? Single dose of common agricultural drug Ivermectin found to “essentially eliminate all viral material” of COVID-19 coronavirus within 48 hours

How To Protect Yourself From Long Term Pandemic Lockdown